Taking a bath in the shower or in a bathtub is always refreshing but would not it be really exciting to spice up and enjoy your sexiest tub minute with this waterproof vibe which has two bunny layout ear that tingles your clit while appreciating your steamy water bath.

The delicate rotating shaft of wet wabbit includes massage pearl beads that have a stinging impact on the outer and inner labia or your place is which is which makes you feel having a natural pegging push.

Along with it is when soaking up in a tub, a tightly fitted O-ring which adds up sensation. No doubt this wet clitoral vibrator that is rotating is the best rabbit vibrator for you.

The increase in sensitive control, power and watertight seal makes its clunky predecessor looks pretty weak in terms. Thanks twist and turns to rotating suggestion and the beads to offer internal stimulation like never before. Insert the vibration of the rabbit ears to the mix that are teasing and tantalising your clitoris at precisely the same time and you have the recipe for the epic orgasm.

The Wet Wabbit is made from flexible jelly. There are 3 different configurations of both vibration speed and spinning. This are controlled which provides you with a large number of combinations. Imagine the fun you are likely to own finding out that's the perfect combo. The speed will be altered by A simple push of the arrows on the controller . There is also an extra button which lets you make go in reverse, wait till you try that one!

It didn't get it's name for nothing, and you are able to take this cheeky boy into the shower or the tub to have more pleasure than you ever thought possible. A word of caution; you may end up spending a lot more time in the bathroom once you've got this vibe in your own collection!