Trash is a phrase not too strange for those who work in the field of environment or irrigation. So what is rubbish? What is the role of garbage? Posts will help you find out.
What is trash?
Also known as a trash can, it is designed to trap garbage to prevent waste entering the waste stream. This will nắp hố ga gang limit the congestion of the pipe as well as the damage to the pump.
Sorting garbage:
- With different criteria, rubbish bin will be classified differently
- According to the gap, the garbage can be divided into 3 types: large type, medium type;
- According to the structure, however, garbage is classified as fixed and mobile type. In the portable category, there are three types of conveyors, discs and drums.
- According to the mode of garbage collection, garbage can be classified into 2 types as manual and mechanical types.
The role of rubbish:
- Treatment of industrial wastewater as well as waste water in production areas;
- is the first item in the production process;
- Along with that, but the snake shields help remove the waste is not penetrated into the water streams, so that the waste treatment of environmental workers are better.
- In addition, it also helps to flow smoothly thanks to the function to help escape quickly and efficiently.
- Especially, it helps to limit flooding after heavy rain.
Notes on installation of a trash nắp hố ga gang cầu can:
- báo giá nắp gang Placing the bar at a position perpendicular to the flow to effectively dispose of waste;
- From the vertical direction, put the research product 45 degrees;
- Regular cleaning of products;
The note when choosing to buy garbage products:
- Need to choose the right size to prevent waste effectively;
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