Silicone bracelets are very popular with all age groups as a jewelry item but of very low budget and very durable. They have become a fashion craze both because of their appearance - and the messages they impart. Even though the silicone bracelets came into the forefront as awareness bracelets, the manufacturers came with more unique ideas to make it popular all over the world. So, to put down in points, the reasons for which the silicone bracelets are being preferred as fashion accessory are:

custom siliconeCustomised Messages: custom rubber bracelets wristbands The wearer of the bracelet can express their individual messages, logo or some text. They can be molded to include any shape, any color, and can even include straps, buttons, and recently added LCD clocks.

Inexpensive: The bracelets are mostly low in budget because it's made from 100% silicone which is easily available in the market. Since the age group targeted is mostly teenagers, the main factor which makes the affordability of the accessory very appealing.

Attractive: Since these silicone wristbands are highly customizable and eye-catching, they are an effective and very fashionable. Also, various designs in bright colors in makes them attractive and makes the wearer fashionable

Durability: The silicone bracelets are very durable and it does not break easily nor does it scratch easily if the material used is of good quality. Thus the wearer can use it as a daily accessory and does not have the fear of it breaking off or getting damaged.

100% silicone: Usage of silicone, which is semi inorganic polymers and sports some unique qualities like high water repellence, lubricity, thermal stability and physiological inertness. It should also be confirmed that only SRS safe silicone is used .These attributes of the material make the silicone custom rubber bracelets more irresistible for all age groups as a fashion accessory

Heat Resistance: Heat does not damage silicone and hence the same can be used at all places and at all times of the day. In fact there are Heat sensitive silicone bracelets which are unique because they react to substantial changes of temperature rates. The uniqueness of this style is that in cool temperatures the bracelet becomes slightly darker whereas in higher temperatures the bracelet colors turn slightly brighter.

Shape: Normal shape of the bracelet is round. But if they are shaped like an oval and when they get squeezed, they aren't round anymore. The conclusion derived from here is that the material used for these bracelets are very poor.

Colors: The colors used are durable and do not fade easily besides being very light. Also the color of the bracelet and the ink used to print the message on the bracelet should not be used to

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